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SB Concrete Placing Boom
The CPB is used for pouring concrete in high building construction. It pours concrete pumped up through a pipe at the exact spot using a boom connected to a master.


Concrete Pouring Procedure

SB-CPB Products and Specification

SB-CPB Installation Procedure

CPB Installation Procedure

  1. 1. Open floor slabs of two floors(3 floors for CPB 24) to fit to the mast size to build master.
  2. 2. Set flower frame(saddle) to establish master.
  3. 3. Connect master on the ground.
  4. 4. Establish master. Support master by placing several supports on the lower section of flower frame.
  5. 5. Install working platform on master.
  6. 6. Connect place boom on master using tower crane.
  7. 7. Pour concrete.
  8. 8. Restore remaining concrete from pipe. – using compressor and sponge ball.

Movable Boom Base

  1. 9. Move and install boom on master of relevant building in accordance with concrete pouring process.
  2. 10. After concrete is cured, raise master by one floor using tower crane before moving slab form to the next floor.

Songdo Prugio site by Daewoo E&C in Incheon

Singori Nuclear Power Reactor Construction by hyundai E&C

Timesquare Project in HoChiMin City, Vietnam by Kumho Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Busan Haeundae AID Apt. Construction Site by Hyundai E&C

CPB Accessories