SB Steel Column Form

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SB Steel Column Form
Tie-less formwork without fasteners reduces labor cost by shortening time for setting & removal of forms
Column form steel suitable for large-scale column construction

SB Steel column form comprises a reinforced steel panel integrating a steel plate, common joist and sleeper. Unlike existing column formwork, this system form is assembled on the floor in advance and installed on site using equipment. While the existing column formwork repeats the entire processes of assembly and dismantlement, the SB column steel form is a stable and rapid method because it repeats only the process needed to fasten and loosen the Dywidag bolts of the triangle connector.


  1. ① Work efficiency in repeated formwork process is more than 8 times greater with the same labor requirements as existing column formwork.
  2. ② The tie-less formwork does not use form tie, thereby reducing costs for installation and removal of form tie after removing forms and shortening the time needed.
  3. ③ No need to consider any restrictions in using a tower crane when using lifting equipment for column forms.
  4. ④ Less distortion by lateral pressure of concrete due to superior performances of materials used in column forms.
  5. ⑤ concrete plane due to no connection joints on the column plane, unlike the Euro Form.
  6. ⑥ Less work for installation /dismantlement at higher levels. No requirement for lifting materials by workers.
  7. ⑦ Clean site and less loss of materials due to integrated column form.

Column Form Components

Column Form Installation Procedure

Column Form Installation using Lifting Jig

If the site makes it difficult or restricts using tower crane, set the lifting jig on an electronic forklift and move and install the L-shaped or channel-shaped column form after assembly.

Over size Column Installation using Column Form

In case that a column exceeds the standard dimension of column form, a column form panel is vertically or horizontally connected to fit to a column dimension.

Column Form Accessories