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Aluminum Form
Aluminum forms are one of the advanced major materials used in the most important form system for reinforced concrete work, the major process on typical construction sites. With the light weight of the aluminum, quick and easy construction is enabled by systemizing the whole form.

Aluminum Form Component

Procedure for Aluminum Form Setting

Feature 1. Improvement of concrete quality

  1. ① Superior quality of concrete surface.
  2. ② Accurate dimension of vertical and horizontal planes by integrating form.
  3. ③ Reduction of concrete finishing due to reduction of form joints.
  4. ④ Improvement of initial strength of concrete by integrating the whole area when pouring concrete.

Feature 2. Economic competitiveness in reinforced concrete work

  1. ① Vertical & horizontal reinforcement at the rear side of existing form and rectangular wood for fixing on the ground are not required.
  2. ② Reduction of work process.
  3. ③ Reduction of work hours due to easy assembly, dismantlement and handling.(3 to 5 days for one floor)
  4. ④ Easy for nonskilled worker by simple process.
  5. ⑤ Save labor by larger and lighter.

Feature 3. Improvement of construction site environment and safety management

  1. ① Minimizing exposed concrete and concrete finishing.
  2. ② Less negligent accident from materials falls as a complete system.
  3. ③ No wastes(plywood, wood and etc.) by not using accessories.
  4. ④ Substantial improvement of environment due to less environmentally harmful waste.


Aluminum installation

Aluminum Stair Form Installation

Aluminum slab form installation

After de-molding aluminum form